February 13, 2019



A small island with a big heart ❤️

Capital: Valletta
Dimensions : 316Km²
Mother tongue: Maltese
Second language: English
Population: 436,900 (as of 2016)
Currency: Euro (since 2008)
Religion: Roman Catholic (over 90%)
Country Code: +356
The Maltese island are formed of 3 main islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino
Many of you might not know where Malta is as it is not visible of the world map unless you zoom in .... a lot.
To get from one island to another is quite simple.
From Malta to Gozo you can catch a big ferry that can transport cars as well as passengers. The ferry ride is about 20-30 mins from Cirkewwa Bay.
You can also catch a smaller speed boats from different parts of the island.
The speed boats that go from Cirkewwa to Comino take around 20 mins as they're quite faster.
Malta is in the middle of the mediterranean sea. South of Italy and north of Libya.
The capital of Malta is Valetta as of 8 March 1571 when Grand Master Pierre de Monte moved from his seat at Fort St Angelo in Birgu to the Grandmaster's Palace in Valletta, but I won't bore you with the history of the Island this time.
Malta is known mostly for beautiful beaches and amazing churches.
Did you know that Malta has around 365 churches?
The photo above is the Mosta dome church. I grew up going to churches like this and I still get amused by the beauty of every church I go too.
The detail in the painting, the colors, the architecture of the building itself is just amazing.
This is Riviera bay is located in the western side of the island and the island is full of other picture-perfect beaches.
In future post I will go in more detail on churches, the history of the Island and all the beautiful beaches that Malta has.

Famous movies and series filmed in Malta:

Game of Thrones :o 
The Gladiator
Assassin's Creed
World War Z
Captain Phillips

Useful phrases to know in Maltese when visiting the island:

Good morning - Bongu
How are you? - Kif inti?
Where is the bathroom- Fejn qijed it-toilet
Thank you - Grazzi
How much? - Kemm
Please - Jekk jogbok

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